Sever's Disease Treatment in Cranford, Wallington & Fort Lee, NJ

Dr. Chester S. Klimek is a compassionate foot and ankle podiatrist who serves Union and Bergen Counties. Dr. Klimek focuses in the prevention and management of all sports related lower extremity issues at all levels. Dr. Klimek also handles all other podiatric aliments from surgery to diabetic issues.

Why does my child has pain in their heels?

Any sudden development of pain in the heel of a child’s foot is usually related to an injury to the growth plate of a bone located near the heel. When this occurs the child needs to stop all activities. Heel pain in children is called Sever’s disease. Commonly many think it is Achilles tendonitis, but Severs is when the Achilles tendon pulls too hard on the growth plate of the heel bone.

What are symptoms of Severs?

First the child feels tenderness in the back of the heel, a surge in pain with activity and weight-bearing, and a tendency to walk on toes and keep weight off heels. It is very common among active adolescents, between 8-15 years old. Males tend to be more affected than females.

What are treatments of Sever’s Disease?

Sever’s Disease does not typically require surgical intervention. With proper care and rest the pain should subside after a couple of days and in more severe cases may require a walking cast or boot, or the use of orthotic insoles or footwear.

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