About Kinetic Edge Foot & Ankle

Podiatrist located in Cranford, Wallington and Fort Lee, NJ

Kinetic Edge Foot & Ankle

At Kinetic Edge Foot & Ankle, podiatrist and foot and ankle surgeon Chester Klimek, DPM, provides complete podiatry care to patients in Cranford, Wallington, and Fort Lee, New Jersey.

Kinetic Edge Foot & Ankle is a full-service podiatry practice. Dr. Klimek has years of experience diagnosing and treating common foot problems, including bunions, heel pain, ingrown nails, and sports injuries. He also provides specialty services, like diabetes-related foot care and orthotics (prescription shoe inserts).

Dr. Klimek is a friendly and compassionate provider. Instead of making broad recommendations, he works with each person one-on-one, creating a personalized treatment plan that addresses their specific situation.

Dr. Klimek takes a conservative and integrative approach to treating foot and ankle problems. He recommends non- and minimally invasive treatments whenever possible to relieve pain, restore mobility, and help patients return to their routine. Dr. Klimek also offers foot and ankle surgery for complex cases that don’t improve with noninvasive treatments.

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