Biomechanical Foot Problems Treatment in Cranford, Wallington & Fort Lee, NJ

Biomechanics. Dr. Chester S. Klimek is a compassionate foot and ankle podiatrist who serves Union and Bergen Counties. Dr. Klimek focuses in the prevention and management of all sports related lower extremity issues at all levels. Dr. Klimek also handles all other podiatric aliments from surgery to diabetic issues.

What is biomechanics?

Biomechanics is the study of the mechanical laws relating to movement.

What are examples of biomechanical foot problems?

Many foot conditions often arise from faulty biomechanics with the most common being excessive pronation (the turning in of your foot while walking and running). A common issue arising from over pronation are bunions a biomechanical misalignment between the bone of the big toe and the corresponding metatarsal bone. Other issues that can arise are arch pain, hammertoes, and a Morton’s neuroma.

How can a gait analysis help?

To understand the biomechanical factors causing foot and ankle discomfort, patients often undergo a gait analysis. This full analysis breaks down each element of your gait -the way you take a step - to determine if the issues are truly biomechanical and to treat them accordingly giving you the Kinetic Edge.

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